Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Phoenix's late b-day present

No, it's not a cat or his own personal oppossum.

I bought Phoenix a dog bed.

This is uncharted territory for me. I have never bought a dog bed before. My dogs either had thick sheepskin pads to sleep on or they slept on the bed with us. Jamie didn't want to sleep with us (humans are hot, lumpy, take up too much room and snore.) Jamie didn't particularly want to sleep on his sheepskin pad either. He usually shoved it out of the way or made it into a pillow. He would really like me to tear the carpet out of the bedroom so he could sleep on the nice cool hardwood floor again.

Phoenix, however, is all about sleeping on a bed. Preferably the humans' bed. Whether or not there's room for him. He's very wiggly and squirmy and can always find a spot. Did you know Malinois are boneless? Kinda like an octopus. They just sort of ooze into any unoccupied space and good luck getting them out of it.

We tried letting him sleep on the bed for awhile. It didn't work. Oh, it worked fine from Phoenix's point of view. Not so much for me and the Farmer. It was like sleeping with 53-pound sack of cement. He was an excellent foot warmer until you realized it didn't matter if your feet were warm or not because you didn't have any feeling below your knees.

Anyway, now the rule is, he can stay on the bed while we watch TV or read before going to sleep. When the lights and TV go off, he is supposed to get off the bed. Which he does. With a great deal of grumbling. He curls up on his sheepskin pad by the bed, lets out a very loud "woe is me, I am a small abused dog" groan and goes to sleep.

So I thought maybe if he had his own very soft and squishy bed, getting kicked off of ours wouldn't be so traumatic.

The bed came yesterday in a very big box.

What's this? For me? Cool!

It's not as nice as the humans' bed
but I suppose it will have to do.
Maybe one of THEM would like to sleep on it.

Anything else in here I should know about?
Here, kitty, kitty!

Hmmm . . . no cat . . . maybe it's on back order.

Seriously, Mom, did you just take a picture of my butt?

Anything he can do, I can better,
I can do anything better than him . . .


  1. Kids ALWAYS perfer the box to the contents...

  2. Heck, I'll sleep on it!! Looks pretty nice to me! Thank goodness you don't have a cat in the house! IT would be in the box! YIKES! G

  3. NICE!! And, of course, it matches. You are so Martha :-)

  4. I love the pictures of them in the box!

    Casey would be like Phoenix - he'll lay anywhere and fall dead asleep, no matter who goes numb from it. Layla is more like Jamie. She likes to go on the bed when nobody else is there. She's okay if one other person is there. But if the bed is too crowded or lumpy, she growls and gets off.

    Casey got a new bed yesterday, since Layla stole his. It was a gift to her from my Aunt this past June, as a "congratulations on starting your agility career" gift, and Layla hated it. All of a sudden she decided she wants it back. Now Casey has a new one, and...well, I'm sure you know where the story is going.

  5. Where's his matching pillow and blanket? Poor Phoenix. It was a trick buddy. The human's bed is better.

  6. We have the same rule for our Mal! He knows he can come up for some snuggles while we are watching TV, but has to go sleep on his bed when the TV goes off.

  7. Happy Birthday Phoenix. I just had my birthday too but I still get to sleep with Mom or my big brother so I got a cat for my birthday Hahahaha. Maybe next year you will get your own kitty too. They are so much fun. Rumor

  8. Jazz needs a new bed. He never used one until he got shaved for surgery. Now his skinny butt has bones that get sore. He took his old bed outside while I was at work. Coach went out before I realized the bed was out there. Coach ate the cover off the bed. Coach threw up the cover of the bed - thank doG!! Jazz needs a new bed.