Monday, January 17, 2011

Monday musings

If the paparazzi would leave me alone, I could finish killing this ball.

Hey, I never realized my dog had an arrow on his head. See it? It's pointing to, um, I'm not sure what? His teeth?

Jamie update: Apparently Jamie has forgotten he is sick. He is energetic, eating like a horse, not throwing up and having perfect poops. Believe me, I've been following him around the yard with a flashlight when he goes out at night. I'm turning into a poop stalker.

Still waiting to hear from ISU but at the moment, it's like last week never happened. Until I look at my MasterCard statement.


  1. Im so glad Jamie is feeling better.

  2. Frank is so glad to hear Uncle Jamie feels better!!

  3. Nice arrow. And relieved to hear Jamie is doing well!