Monday, January 3, 2011

Chip off the old block

This is Phoenix's mom and pop.
From left: Promise, almost 12, and Titus, almost 10
(Photos courtesy of Catherine Shields, Carousel Malinois)

It's easy to see where he gets his good looks.
I can see a little bit of him in both of them.

I wonder how much time they spend
walking around with contraband socks?
Shoving balls under the furniture?
Grabbing bath towels . . . while they're being used?
Pretending to be invisible on the bed?
Putting holes in things that don't need holes put in them?
Stalking cats?
Attacking hair dryers?

Really, if they knew what their kid was like, they'd just shake their heads.

Thanks, Promise and Titus, for creating the Wild litter.
Thanks, Catherine and Holly for arranging the romance.


  1. Socks - Promise does not care, Titus would EAT them if given a chance
    balls under furniture? humm I would say BOTH of them
    LOL Bath towels? LOL Titus likes Fur coats while being worn LOL his fav thing about NY and WKC shows.
    Invisible in the bed - PROMISE
    HOLES LOL TITUS if you ever see Holly you will notice lots of patches
    Cats - Promise thinks they are babies, loves them, Titus? would kill them I'm pretty sure.
    Hair dryers? both are now grown up and seasoned enough to know NOT to do that LOL
    Titus and Promise as well as Holly and myself are very proud of the Wild litter!

  2. Awww that's so cute!! Promise is beautiful. I also see a bit of each of them in Phoenix. Very cool post!

  3. Thanks for sharing the pictures. Mesa, of course,goes back to Promise. She still looks wonderful.Thanks to Promise from me too-can't imagine life without Mesa. I do enjoying knowing I am not alone - Mesa does everyone of those things too. A little better on cats tho :) Om the other hand since we are a couple of years behind you it also doesn't give me much hope of her changing in the near future!