Thursday, July 29, 2010

Take your dog to work

One of the best things about my job is that I can take my dog to work. I used to do this a lot with both Jamie and Phoenix, when he was a baby.

Then things got ugly at work with the layoffs, downsizing, furloughs and the basic crash of the newspaper industry. Everyone was tense and short-tempered. I didn't want to bring my dogs anywhere near what had become a very toxic work environment!

But time goes on and things change. The office has settled down and things are basically good again. So Phoenix came to work with me today. I originally planned to train in our former press room (empty, since our printing press is in Venezuela now) during my lunch hour but the day was so beautiful with pleasant temps and low humidity for a change that we went to the town square park and trained there instead.

No hot air balloons this time but there were guys running a little backhoe and trenching machine, installing electric lines, plus all the general chaos of a small town square park. You'd be surprised how noisy they can be on a summer day. We had a good training session. I was really pleased with Nix's attention and ability to tune out all the background noise. One thing about having a puppy who grew up on a farm, machinery noise is basically a non-issue. Nix has his quirks but sound sensitivity is generally not one of them.

His crate is right next to my desk. I left the "sunroof" open. He's been getting a lot of petting from co-workers and a few cookies. He's also been doing the silly boy "let it all hang out" thing. He was sound asleep until I tried to take a picture, of course. Dogs are awfully cute when they sleep on their backs.

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