Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Blogs, dogs and fireworks

I’ve added a few new favorite blog sites to the list at the left. There are so many really fun dog blogs I visit regularly that I couldn’t add all of them, but I’ve wanted to put Patricia McConnell and Susan Garrett’s links on here for some time.

Susan’s recent posts have mirrored much of what I’ve been going through with Phoenix’s recall issues and have been really helpful.


Here’s a sweet “awwwww” moment. Or a “the dog is crazy” moment. You decide.

From our house, we can see the fireworks displays at a number of surrounding towns on the 4th of July. When we went to bed that night, many of the displays were getting fired up. (Yes, we go to bed early. We get up early, too.) From our bedroom, I could look through the house and out the south living room window and see fireworks from what must have been the town of Oxford.

Since we had turned our central air off, the windows were all open and sound carries quite a distance on still summer air. Jamie could hear the distant booms and while not being totally upset, he went off and made a nest in the northwest corner of the bedroom, which is one of his perceived “safe” zones when things might be scary. Phoenix trotted out of the room.

When he didn’t come back soon, I got up and went to look for him. Better safe than sorry. Phoenix believes it’s easier to ask forgiveness than permission and although he’s enjoyed loose-in-the-house-at-night privileges for a couple of years, there are still occasional surprises in the morning - dismembered socks, shredded flip-flops, “relocated" and "re-purposed" household items, etc.

This time, he was just sitting in the living room, staring intently out the window. Near as I could tell, he was watching the fireworks. I sat on the floor with him for a little while and we watched together. Obviously we’re both fascinated by bright, sparkly things.

Phoenix is also fascinated when the Farmer shoots the rifle, too, so make of that what you will.


  1. Phoenix sounds like the perfect date!

  2. More sweet dog moments. I love it!

  3. Too cute. Dogs are so special-in more than one way!