Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Independence Day!

No better way to celebrate the 4th of July than at an agility trial. Nix and I had a good day. He was a wonderful boy in JWW, alas my handling left something to be desired. I wonder if Phoenix is ever embarrassed to be seen with me? He probably wonders which handler he's going to have THIS TIME.

I redeemed myself in Standard and we Q'd with a gravity-defying dogwalk performance. Seriously, it's best if the dog has all four feet directly ABOVE the dog walk at all times. Treading air on either side not recommended. I'll post video. 

Went to the parade with the Farmer in his home town this afternoon, then out to supper (I haven't cooked for days. I think I've forgotten how.) Just got home and the skies opened up. It's been raining ever since.

Now it's time to regroup and get ready to leave Thursday for three days of obedience at Sedalia, Mo., with Sharon and Rudy. 

Hope you all had a safe, fun holiday!

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  1. Darn I am going to miss meeting you. I usually go to the Sedalia show but am going to the Linda Koutsky seminar in St. Louis instead. Good luck at the show. If someone hasn't already told you, it can be terribly crowded in the building where they have obedience. Think sardines squished into a can. Nice show except for the lack of space.