Sunday, July 25, 2010

Spa day

Today was spa day at our house. Both boys got a bath and blow dry and so much brushing my arm may fall off. Jamie is 100% against this process. Brushing, good; water, bad. Phoenix is all about getting in the tub but takes a dim view of being shampooed.

Lather, rinse and don't even think about repeating!


Unless they get into something stinky, I don't bathe my guys that often. But I brush like crazy, all year 'round. This was the mid-summer bath. Yeah, there's an autumn bath and a spring bath, too. Usually no winter bath, though. Jamie really likes winter.

The worst thing about this (besides having to clean up the bathroom when I'm done) is that we're not even GOING anywhere. Nope. This was my third of four weekends at home. Things get a little more exciting after next weekend. We start a marathon of matches and trials that will carry us clear through November.

But for now, I have clean, shiny, fluffy dogs for no apparent reason other than I had time to do it today. I think they've forgiven me and are talking to me again. It's about supper time so I'm sure they'll come around.

Also made seven (count 'em, seven!) loaves of zucchini bread this weekend, all from the monster zuke Tammy gave me Friday night. Can I have another one? I go psycho on the zucchini bread this time of year and fill the freezer. It tastes so great in January.


  1. Pics are just TOOOO cute of the bubble bathers! And i'm impressed about all the zucchini bread---and i agree - it IS yummy!

  2. You can have ALL the Zukes you want!!! OMG!!! No one here likes baths either!! Nice to see your dogs look as scary wet as Bill's!! My cats NEVER get a bath! VBG

  3. LOL - this is why I never bathe the weasels. The un-brown dog gets a bath every other week though. Now... we need a nice fluffy after photo!!!