Saturday, July 3, 2010

Film at 11

Check out our collection of video cameras from the Muscatine trial today. Friends just kept asking, "Can you tape me?" Do we look that responsible? Seriously? Funny thing is, I think only one of the 12 cameras still uses actual video tape.

Everyone did a pretty good job of taping their assigned dogs. SOME PEOPLE even added bonus dogs to other people's cameras! (I don't care what she says, I'm blaming Rilda. Guilty until proven innocent.) I hope everyone got home with the right camera! Several of them were the very same model, that's when personalizing the case comes in handy.

The only camera we were missing was Michele and Jeff's "Channel 9 News Team" behemoth. (Wow, not sure I've ever used that word in a sentence before.) But the Antiques Roadshow wasn't in town so they didn't bring it . . . 

Good news, Phoenix QQ'd! Yippee.

Here's the video from our JWW run.

It's right here.






Operator error.

But that's okay. And it further confirmed my theory that if someone is actually taping us, we NQ. No video? It's a Q for sure.

My theory got screwed up because then we DID Q in Standard and there IS video evidence. Which I will post at some point in the next few days. Don't have the time or ambition to play dial up vs. YouTube right now.

Oh, a cool thing, I got to see Trip, Nicki's rescue from BorderBlog. He is still totally adorable and all freckly and he went to a great new home. 

The Farmer and I are off (me 'n pa is goin' to town) for 3rd of July festivities in the town where I work. Yippee, no cooking for me tonight. I'm more than willing to let the Iowa County Cattlemen fix my supper.

Back to Muscatine for one more day of agility tomorrow.


  1. That Rilda is a sneaky devil - ya gotta watch her at all times. Hope you and pa have a good time at that there cook out (don't stand under any fireworks!).

  2. congrats - very nicely done

    hope town is fun

  3. Congratulations on the QQ!! Can't wait to see the video.

    The "me'n paw is goin' to town" literally made me laugh out loud.

    Happy 4th of July!

  4. Aww-that's so cool that you recognized Trip! He's like a celebrity! His new home is really great-I'm so happy for him and Mary!

    Congrats on the QQ-those always make a weekend better!