Monday, September 12, 2011

Things that make me crazy

Granted, there are a lot of them.

Most of them have to do with my job.

Which is stupid, because I should just shut up and be happy I have a job.

I am happy I have a job.

It involves dealing with the public a lot.

Which makes me crazy.

This morning Funeral Home A sends me an obituary for the paper.

This afternoon, they send me a revised copy of the obituary.

An hour later, they call me with changes to the revised copy. 

An hour after that, they e-mail to say oops, we sent it to you by mistake and the family doesn't want to pay to have it run in your paper.

Which leaves me wondering at what point did anyone actually TALK TO THE FAMILY or let them proofread the obituary before sending it out.

See what I mean?

This happens all the time.

Thing number two: we have been without an editor at our paper for six months. I have absorbed a lot of the editor's duties. I have not absorbed any of that position's salary.

We finally hired a new editor. He started today. He is in his office. The lights are on. I presume he is home. People keep giving me his work, like he is not there. This is not making either one of us feel very good. It is making me want to hit someone very hard with a large, blunt object.

But I am not a violent person. I smile. I say, you need to give that to Brian. Brian is the new editor. I am not Brian. I am no longer doing Brian's work. Well, actually, I am still doing a fair amount of it. I hope that will change soon. I am not holding my breath.

And finally, crazy-making thing number three: what ever happened to commitment? 

I scheduled an interview a week ago. Before I hung up the phone, the party I was going to interview said, you'd better call us that morning to see if we're going to be around that day.

WTF? I thought we just made an appointment. Why WOULDN'T you be around? That's why I called to MAKE the appointment in the first place, so we could find a time that was mutually agreeable.


Okay. Done. Rant over. Still crazy. 


  1. Have to totally agree about the appointment thing! That drives me nuts. Or if people realize they can't come, or are going to be late, and just never call to let you know. Really, phone calls, not that complicated...

  2. Oh boy. I totally sympathize with the absorbing duties but not absorbing paycheck situation. The only difference in job duties between myself and a pharmacist is they're allowed to give medical advice. Even if I know the answer, technically they must do it. But I type/fill scripts, make IVs and compounds, bill insurances, etc. Just don't give advice. And apparently their advice is worth over $70,000 more per year than I make. I don't get it.

    I had some lady pull up in drive through last week for a flu shot. you expect the needle to penetrate glass? Or do you expect me to just hand it to you and let you inject yourself? Either way, not gonna happen.

  3. Amy, maybe she could have just opened her mouth and you could spray it at her . . . kinda like tossing a treat to a dog.

    Sorry. Not nice. But couldn't help it. ( :

  4. Love that flu shot story! Today I had someone explain to me the details of the gay sex her dogs are having. The joys of working with the public.