Thursday, September 15, 2011

I can't help it, I have to . . .

In case you have zero interest in college football, the huge Iowa-Iowa State rivalry game was last Saturday. The Iowa Hawkeyes are usually the kick-ass powerhouse and the Iowa State Cyclones are usually the kickees. But not this year! I graduated from Iowa State so need to wave my cardinal and gold pride one more time.

Moving on to other things - I love Jennie's comment from earlier this week (Sept. 13, Obedience Stereotypes). She wrote (paraphrasing here): truly intelligent dogs are harder to train than slightly dim dogs. I love this concept! And I seriously want to explore it further, just not today. No time.

And no, it isn't going to be hard for me to give up obedience trials between now and April because there are only two obedience weekends I would have entered anyway. If Phoenix and I were totally rocking our teamwork, I might be willing to travel a bit more to pick up some other shows, but given that our current status is very un-rocking, I'm content to put trialing on hold. Besides, we've got tons of agility trials to go to, so not like we'll be staying home for the next 7 months.

Later this morning, Phoenix and I are going to the local high school to give a program. Actually, we'll give three 15-minutes programs. Phoenix hasn't ever done the school scene but he is such a dork about kids I'm have no doubt he'll enjoy it.


  1. Go Hawkeyes!

    Sorry, grew up in Iowa City. Couldn't help myself!

  2. You just had to do it, didn't you!!!!?????

    GO HAWKS!!

  3. I like that comment too! And I found it is very true with tracking. A slightly dim dog will just follow the scent. Not hard, right? A too intelligent dog thinks way to hard and seems to think just following the scent is too easy. I think my next dog should be just a little less smart.