Friday, September 16, 2011

Kids say the darnedest things

The school programs yesterday were fun. Phoenix has done demos for community groups, Kiwanis, etc., but not for a bunch of kids who would laugh at him. He loved it and was quite the goofball.

The kids had a problem distinguishing between German and Belgian shepherds, though. I am probably getting paid back for posting the funny script from Hogan's Heroes about Belgians being smarter than Germans.

Here are a few of the best quotes from yesterday:

Girl: “What kind of dog is he?”
Me: “He’s a Belgian shepherd.”
Girl: “Oh. So he’s not a REAL shepherd.”

Boy: “What kind of dog is he?”
Me: “He’s a Belgian shepherd.”
Boy: “What kind of a dog is THAT?!”

Boy: “We have a German shepherd, too.”
Me: “Phoenix is a Belgian shepherd.”
Boy: “We have REAL German shepherd.”

Boy: “What kind of treats are you giving him?”
Me: “Cheese.”
Boy: “You need to give him more. He’s too skinny.”

(This one is my absolute favorite)

Boy: “How many dogs do you have?”
Me: “Two.”
Boy: “So the other one is a normal dog?”


  1. Too funny. I'm not sure any of my dogs have been "normal.". Really, what is a "normal" dog?

  2. What DOES that mean?

    We go to an elementary school but the kids are pretty good. Except for the ones who try to tell me that I'm wrong and Layla is, in fact, a Husky.

  3. The last comment is the best! But really, a Terv is no more normal than a Malinois, right?