Monday, September 5, 2011

A few funny photos

I just happened to be ringside with my camera when they were judging groups one day this weekend. This St. Bernard wasn't having any of it.

Love the handler's reaction. I mean really, what are ya gonna do when 120 pounds of dog says "I don't think so"?

Trust me, I am the last person who should be critiquing others' fashion choices but leopard skin print boots? Really? Oh well, what else would you wear with your leopard skin print skirt? 

We live just a few miles from the show site and got 3.6 inches of rain Saturday so the boots were not overrated. 

Today at the trial was just plain odd. Phoenix and I had possibly our worst run ever in the history of Utility, an NQ or major deduction on every exercise . . . broken only by stunningly perfect go-outs. Silly boy.

Open was much better. With the exception of refusing to release the dumbbell on the retrieve on flat.

Me: Out.

Phoenix: No.

Me: Um . . . out.

Phoenix: Um . . . no.

Me: Seriously, OUT!

Phoenix: Seriously, NO!

So he finished with his dumbbell in his mouth and seemed very pleased with himself.


  1. I see one of my kind is gawking at the roaching Saint Beastie!

    Great pikhs!


  2. The St. Beanard is just too funny!!!

  3. I love the Saint and also the expression of the Sibe handler!

  4. Great photo. Nice to see someone else feeling foolish at a trial! I did see Phoenix refuse to give you the dumbbell. I sure think he was just pranking you! He looked like he thought it was pretty funny. Oh well - he really is a great dog.

  5. I'm okay with the's the skirt I can't get over!!

    Good Boy Nix!! Do it YOUR WAY BUDDY!! Sounds like the 'momma' is going to have to come up with a new 'punch card' idea! The card will be made from alligator leather, (fake I'm sure), punches will be made in a little 'dumbbell shapes'. You get 10 punches and you, Nix can have ice cream, Melinda, we'll take you to Carlos for a DOUBLE MARG!!

  6. The Saint is clearly demonstrating a new interpretation of "Down and Back, please". With an emphasis on the back.

  7. That is a hilarious picture.

    Your conversation with Phoenix sounds a lot like the ones Sophie and I have.