Thursday, December 9, 2010

Still undecided

The meteorologists are still undecided about the track of this weekend's storm. That means we could see from 1" to 8" of snow on Saturday. I'm not holding my breath. The only thing they all seem to agree on is that it's going to get freaking cold and windy Saturday night and Sunday with air temps below zero, compounded by windchills.

You should see the stack of stuff I have piled up to take to the trials. How can one person and one dog need so much stuff for trials that don't even involve an overnight stay? Blankets, vests, crate covers, boots, my Carharrt bibs . . .

I even broke out Phoenix's coat, just in case. Yes, he has a coat. It's even been custom designed, since Phoenix removed what he felt was an extraneous buckle. He was right. It didn't do anything, was just there for looks. He thought his coat looked better without it. Who am I to argue with Malinois design principles.

The whole dogs-in-coats thing is new to me. After years of Shelties and Tervs, I was accustomed to furry dogs who loved the cold and snow. Then as Connor aged, he lost muscle mass and his fur thinned. I bought him a coat. He loved it. He always was my "dress up" dog. He loved to wear things and preened and pranced. Silly boy.

I figure Jamie would probably bite me if I tried to put him in a coat. (Actually, he wouldn't. He would just get that pathetic, woe-is-me look on his ever-patient face.) If ever there was a dog who didn't need a coat, it's him. At age 11 1/2, his thermostat is perpetually stuck on high. He pants in January. Good for him. Some days I am jealous!

Then Phoenix entered the picture: 53 pounds of solid muscle (and a very hard head) without an ounce of fat. It didn't seem right to ask the Skinny Little Dog to spend much time sitting in his crate in the van or semi-heated crating areas at winter trials when it was really cold. So I bought him a coat.

I'll have to take a picture of him in it. It's really quite stylish and I think he secretly enjoys wearing it.

Good luck to everyone who is running in our trials this weekend and safe travels to all.


  1. I'm desperately seeking a coat for my skinny little puppy (shameless plea in case someone has ideas to share:

    ... so I would LOVE to see a picture of Phoenix's coat!

  2. It's from Clean Run, a Foggy Mountain Turnout Dog Coat. Will try to get some pics up soon.

  3. I have 2 shelties who dont need coats. But the two chihuahuas just start shivering when its 30 or below in the morning. One wears a coat , no problem. The other one, it causes paralysis. LOL Diana

  4. I'd love to see Phoenix in a coat! I was thinking of that last week when I saw a ton of dogs in coats, and then I looked at Layla (who was looking at all the Dogs in Coats, probably wondering what their deal was) and realized it'll be a different dog of mine who'll need a coat.

  5. Frank and Vinnie will be sporting coats this weekend for sure!!! Vinnie's first coat is from Foggy Mountain and fits great.

  6. I have naked dogs - they not only have coats but jammies! I'm the queen of dog coats (have a whole cupboard full of them) as the nakeds quite often live in them from November thru March. :) Yes, even the poodle has one (worn only once so far). I will say I have at least 2 naked boys that hate them. The swheatie didn't ever need one till she too got older and lost muscle mass and fat so she gets one for long walks now. Do I dare admit that we also do booties?