Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Happy birthday, Skinny Little Dog!

Today is Phoenix’s 4th birthday! He sends happy birthday air snaps to his bros and sisters: Cayenne, Seeker, Joker, Ryder and Ida, who all live on the West Coast, and Passion, in Ohio.

Nix’s top 10 birthday present list, would be, in order:

1) a cat

2) a cat

3) a cat

4) a cat wearing a bitesuit

5) the Farmer wearing a bitesuit

6) for our UPS guy to stay and visit and quit running away so fast

7) dried and smoked ears from any variety of farm animals, including but not limited to pigs and cows

8) a pig in a bitesuit (oh dear, someone has drunk too many post-Christmas margaritas)

9) for my nephew Chase to stay longer and THROW THE BALL AGAIN

10) the elimination of group exercises from obedience trials

Where the heck did 4 years go? Seems like I just brought him home before the Ice Storm of the Century and he slept in bed with me and the Farmer because it was about 40 degrees in the house because the power was out for a week.

Here are some pictures of the Skinny Little Dog.

7 weeks old
(Photo by Catherine Shields)

10 weeks old
(Photo by Sheryl McCormick)

2 years old
(Photo by Marsha Kingsley)

3 1/2 years old
Summer of 2010
(Photo by me)


  1. Happy Birthday Phoenix! And he's still a smilin in all those photos! Maybe Mom will get you a cat in a birthday cake! YUMMMM...

  2. Happy Phoenix Day!

    I'm always asking fur a khat too - I don't know why Mom is so mean and won't honour one simple wish!

    I do love your Item #4!

    So, will there be khake?

    Khyra The Snowless Siberian in PA

  3. Happy Birthday to a cutie pie. I hope you get your cat. LOL Diana

  4. Happy Birthday, Phoenix! You've grown from an adorable puppy to a handsome guy!

    (best of luck on that cat!)

  5. Happy Birthday, Phoenix!! I think #7 has the highest likelihood of happening, although a pig in a bitesuit would probably be the best squeaky toy EVER. Hope Phoenix has a great day!

  6. Phoenix - Vinnie says he hopes you get a cat for your birthday. He loves his kitty at work. Gus likes to be nose poked and race for treats thrown on the floor with Vinnie.

  7. Happy Birthday buddy. You have grown into a very handsome mal, despite your mom giving you margs. well before you were of legal age! I'm glad to be part of the weather team that helped get you home. And yes, you do deserve a cat. Will keep tossing your mom some hints, ok?

  8. Dear Phoenix,
    Happy birthday. My neighbors have a very cute black and white cat that kills the birds at my feeder and stands in the street daring me to kill her. She would make a great birthday present. I will bring her over soon.

  9. Happy birthday. Hope he enjoys the cat!