Thursday, December 30, 2010

Quote of the week

Yesterday I took the Belgians to see their chiropractor.

Dr. Fred worked on Phoenix's neck for quite a while. Then he said, "There. I put his head back on straight."

That would certainly explain a lot.

Phoenix's neck is routinely "out." Dr. Fred thought it was due to the heads-up style of heeling I teach. I thought about that for awhile. Then I thought about Nix's tugging style. He grabs the tug and whips his head back and forth in the "maligator death roll" while I hold on for dear life.

I'm thinking THAT would be more conducive to putting one's neck and spine out of alignment than a few minutes of trotting around with one's head tipped up. It's not like I ask him to heel for hours without any breaks.

Goal for 2011: keep tug sessions focused on TUGGING instead of THRASHING.

P.S. Thanks, Kathy, for the promise to bring Phoenix a cat. You are his new best friend.


  1. Hrm. The first time I went to the chiro that's exactly what he said to me. Interestingly, I was there for back pain, but he magically fixed my daily headaches with one session. Love that chiro!

    I have two thrashers here. Sometimes I think it's amazing my arms are still attached.

  2. I would love to go to a chiro myself. I feel like I just need one good crack of my lower back to feel better. Either that or a breast reduction. Layla hasn't been to see her physical therapist in a few months, but I'd like to take her back soon.

    Hmm...out of those two, I definitely think the thrashing would throw his neck out more. I think heeling with his head up might give him a stiff neck here and there, but not if he's used to it, and not if it isn't for long periods of time. Kind of like if someone stood on their tiptoes to try and look at something.

    Hope you and your dogs and The Farmer have a great New Year!