Monday, December 20, 2010


I need to take more pictures of my dogs playing and being silly. These are the moments I remember, the goofy, ridiculous stuff they do that makes me laugh out loud.

Here's one of Jamie very carefully dismantling a cow. He is very serious about his toy dismemberment. It is his mission in life.

One of the biggest differences between Jamie and Phoenix is the way they respond to toys. They both love them but the similarity ends there. If I give Jamie a toy, it's b'bye and he goes off into a corner to tear the hell out of it. Seriously. He can't field dress it fast enough.

Phoenix is the total opposite. He'll grab whatever is offered, then immediately shove it back at me. Here! You play! Tug! Tug harder! Chase me! Here! You have it! I will chase you! Chomp! Now I have it! This is so cool! Play! Play! Play!

His toys are all very well loved but they don't last much longer than Jamie's.

And thank you, Tammy, for the Squeaky Ball From Hell in our Christmas bag! And Liz, for the Evil Psycho Killer Bunny.

Coming soon: the story of Phoenix and the Evil Psycho Killer Bunny.

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