Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Several of you asked

The animal communicator who talked to Phoenix is Linda Thomas. She is from Moline, Ill., and her Web site is

I really should make it a point to have her talk to my dogs every year or so, kind of like a routine doctor's visit. With that in mind, I need to keep a running list of questions, you know, those "Wonder what he REALLY thinks?" moments.

Cuz heaven knows I won't remember them all in my head. I've already thought of a few things I wish I'd asked yesterday.

A couple of friends on my malinois list remarked they were a little afraid of what their dogs might have to say. I think dogs are very forthright. They say what they feel but they aren't mean or vindictive about it. Although Jamie did say he thought Connor was a stuck-up snob. Which pretty much summed up their relationship perfectly. Still chuckling about that and it was 5 years ago.

And I'm still chuckling that Phoenix thinks the leash is to keep ME from getting lost. He knows me pretty well.

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