Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Antiques Roadshow again

Yesterday I went to pick up a few more things from my aunt's house. (Vacation this week, yee-haw!)

These were the kerosene lamps my mom, my aunt and my grandparents used. Their house did not have electricity when my mom and aunt were little girls.

This was my grandma's rolling pin. She never bothered to buy an actual rolling pin, just used this glass jar to roll out pie crusts, biscuits, cookies or whatever.

Here's a valentine to my grandmother from her sister in 1929. It's one of those three-dimensional ones that fold out and it is just as shiny and new as it was 80 years ago.

Can you imagine what's in this little case? It has the coolest little latches on each end. (Sorry, blogging from home this week and no Photoshop on my computer or else would do some cropping and closeups.)

It's a dip pen, one step up from a quill pen where you chased down the family goose, plucked a feather and then sharpened it to a point so you could dip it into the ink well to write a letter to someone. The handle is mother of pearl.

It's very small. It was my grandmother's. She must have had tiny hands. Actually, I think everyone was just plain smaller back then. 

In other news: Phoenix and I are off to an obedience match this evening. I have some new ideas to try regarding his group stays and overall ring attitude. Hope to post about them soon but the next few days are crazy. This is va-ca-tion. It's supposed to be lazy and relaxing. Only it's not.

Friday we leave for the Des Moines cluster. Thank doG I only entered Versatility and Wild Card Utility, no group stays to deal with again so soon.

The Des Moines cluster is always a blast: all my obedience friends are there, fresh baked chocolate chip cookies any time of the day and excellent shopping. Michele can't come this year so I'm going to be her personal shopper. She says she'll send me a list soon. I should probably just rent a U-Haul.


  1. Just remember when shopping for Michele - you MUST always buy 2. Have a great time and eat lots of cookies. Last year I believe Marsha brought cookies home.

  2. I DID bring cookies home last year... forgot all about that! I have planned ahead Martha - I already bought the milk for cookies and cinnamon rolls... bring on the shopping!!!! I look forward to this all year and I'm not even entered... I'm just support crew :-)

  3. Wow - more awesome stuff! I'll take the kerosene lamps, please.

  4. The pen is AMAZING!!! I think it's so neat that you have these unique treasures and that they belonged to your family.

    We'll be at the Des Moines shows this weekend as well. Can't wait for the shopping and the cookies!!