Friday, September 17, 2010

Gardening stuff

Here's my birthday (mal)igator from Tammy and Marsha. Isn't he adorable? Next year I think he'll swim around in the new hosta bed I set by the house.

This is a plant Tammy gave me earlier this summer. In spite of a rough start (two weeks with heat indexes above 100 degrees — NOT a good time to transplant anything) it has taken off and is very pretty. I think it is called a speedwell.

And finally, it's time to think about frost. I'm not ready to think about settling in for winter yet but I am definitely looking forward to cooler temps and no more bugs. First frost in this area averages around Oct. 9.


  1. It's not too late for a petunia. Mine are still blooming. In abundance!

  2. Do NOT fall for that petunia thing!!!!! They are a dangerous flower (if they come from Rilda!!)

    LOVE the gator - he looks awesome in the mulch!

  3. He turned out really cute painted!! Those plants are re-bloomers too! Spring and Fall, how awesome is that! Not looking forward to the frost! EEEWWWW!!!!