Saturday, May 8, 2010

The countdown begins!

The countdown for ABMC nationals has begun! In three days the Belgians and I will swing south to pick up my aunt (mom's sister, a cat person who oddly enjoys going to national specialties) and head for Purina Farms west of St. Louis.

Friday afternoon, I cleaned out the garage. Not sure what cleaning out the garage has to do with getting ready for nationals but it has been on my to-do list all spring. Like the basement, it had reached Code Red status and was rapidly accelerating to whatever is beyond Code Red. Maybe Code Purple? I didn't want to find out. It's clean now, except for the random resident raccoon, who comes and goes. Phoenix keeps close tabs on it and always tells me when he/she/it is around.

Then I cleaned out C3P0 — a total, take-the-crates-out-and-vacuum-everything, wash the windshield, dust and wash the crate fuzzies overhaul. Wish it would stay clean longer than a week. I told Jamie and Phoenix they were NOT to shed in there. They gave me the hairy eyeball.

This morning, had a great training session with Michele, Kate, Jennifer and Jill. We did some proofing with each dog and Phoenix decided fetching his dumbbell with four women running to get it at the same time was a pretty cool game. 

Then bought groceries, including lots of food for the trip, as well as stocking the fridge for the Farmer. Came home and tackled the laundry. Haven't packed a stitch yet, still checking St. Louis area forecasts and procrastinating. Heck, two days of agility and one day of obedience isn't exactly a fashion show so I'm sure whatever I take will be fine. I have piles of clean clothes all over the bedroom now, waiting for me to make up my mind.

The dogs' crates are loaded and their food, supplements, etc. are measured and packed. Naturally, the dogs are totally ready to go and I'm not!


  1. HAVE FUN!!!

    I'm jealous! I went to my first Mal Nationals (My Mal, not yours) this October and LOVED it. I'd probably enjoy any breed's national. It's so, so much fun.

    Good luck!

  2. It is exciting the anticipations isn't it! Have a great trip, travel safe and most of all just plain have a super hootie good time!!!!

  3. Nationals are WAY FUN!!! You guys have a GREAT time!!

  4. Oh, if you meet a woman named Carol Shields from New Jersey (her kennel name is Phantom), she's my show handling instructor. I know she'll be doing obedience, herding and breed, not sure if any of hers are ready for agility yet.

  5. Have fun Phoenix. You too Melinda. Safe travels.