Tuesday, April 20, 2010

ICDOC pics

Finally, I’m getting around to posting some pics from the ICDOC trials.

First, here’s our “Senior Moments” team. From left, Sharon and Simon (age 11); Marsha and Robin (who just turned 12 yesterday); Tammy and Kruz (age 12), and me and Jamie (age 10). The four dogs enjoy a combination of multiple MACHs, OTCh./U-OTCh., multiple UDXs, MXs, MXJs, MXPs, MJPs, a TD and even a Senior Courser. Just don’t ask any of them to do a drop on recall and you’ll be fine. (Note the boys' stylish bandanas to match our shirts, courtesy of Marsha.)

Next, here’s the backside of Team Flower Power. From left, Michele showing Kina for Jill who had a death in the family (but her dog still made it to the trial, how cool is that!); Jennifer and Katie; Judy and Kenzie, and me and Phoenix. We don’t want to talk about our drop on recall either. Or our stays. But our heeling rocked!

Finally, here’s the Skinny Little Dog doing articles in Graduate Open. He likes his “Go sniffs.”

Thanks, Sheryl, for your photography!

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