Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Yesterday I rode along with Marsha to pick up her new poodle baby Vinnie at O'Hare. He flew in all by himself from Portland, Ore. Just so you know, you can't pick up cargo at the regular United terminal in the airport, you have to find the cargo terminal, which is basically in another country. 

Vinnie was very happy to meet his new mom and GET OUT OF THE BOX! He is perfectly, adorably, delightfully wonderful and Marsha is going to have so much fun with him.


  1. OMG - cute, cute cute. Was he going for the throat in the one picture? Can't wait to meet him.

  2. He is ADORABLE!!!! Meme...I think he might need a hair cut already!!! G Nice weather for potty training...if only he were a duck! Wait, he's suppose to be a 'water dog' of sorts! Get out there and get WET!!!