Friday, May 15, 2009

Places I train, Part II

This is the park in Middle Amana. Its beautiful in the spring. Actually, it's beautiful all year around. Iowa County doesn't have any leash laws so I don't have to worry about animal control showing up and freaking out because my dogs are loose. Oh. Wait. Iowa County doesn't have animal control, either.

There's a lot of lovely flat ground for setting up ring gates and jumps. Since I'll be focussing on Phoenix's Open work more this summer, I'm going to have to get back in the habit of hauling all that stuff around to different sites.

The Belgians enjoy running amuck after a workout. 

Running amuck is even more fun if you have a ball and can get your brother to chase you.


  1. Excellent!!! Be a muck... the world needs more mucks!!!

  2. There are 2 mucks at my house but I still love them.

  3. That's it!! I'm turning you in! Wait....who do I call? G

  4. OMG, you should have seen my face when I read that there is no leash laws in your county. I don't think I would be able ever to leave the house with the dogs if our county didnt have leash laws:-)
    The best leash law I am aware of is in Rockville, MD the town I do not unfortunately live in, but if your dog has a CD then you can apply for an off leash permit. People tried to pass the same law in other parts of Maryland, but it didn't take:-(