Monday, May 11, 2009

Killer dogs in the hotel

Here are a few pics from the trip Michele and I took to KC a few weeks ago for the Linda Koutsky seminar.

I have to kill you now. 
(Notice the Lab nose on right side of the frame.) 

No, I will kill you first.
Stupid boys. (This is Cider, Michele's girl.)
Hey baby, wanna party?
Hurry up with the cookies, lady! 
(From left: Jamie, Cider, Phoenix, Bea)


  1. What good kids! Love Jamie's "ugly face"!

  2. Great shots of all of them. Cannot believe you let your dogs on furniture! What are you thinking. Looked like fun.

  3. They let dogs in the hotel??? WOW!! So did you let them use the pool?