Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I'm normal! YIPPEE!!!

Well, sort of.

Last week I had a nuclear myocardial perfusion imaging test done. That's a really fancy name for a stress test. My cardiologist called yesterday to say the results came back normal, no blockages or narrowing of arteries in my heart. Definitely good news, since my dad had major blockages resulting in open heart surgery for a quadruple heart bypass when he was in his late 50s.

I've still got the abnormal heart rhythm thing going on but the meds seem to be taking care of it. Six weeks and counting without any caffeine from soda or cappuccino. I'm supposed to "avoid" caffeine because it can make the atrial fibrillation worse. (Hmmm . . . define "avoid.") Good thing I wasn't much of a coffee drinker to start with.

But I haven't given up, nor do I intend to give up, chocolate. Sure, it contains caffeine but not that much. And besides, chocolate is medicinal. Anyone who reads Harry Potter knows that!


  1. Excellent NEWS!!! Everyone knows you should eat Chocolate following EVERY encounter with a Dementor! For ME, that's SEVERAL times a DAY!

  2. That's great news - however, the lingering question for me is "Do You GLow"?

  3. Should we stick her in a dark room to see if she glows????