Saturday, May 9, 2009

Scott County, Day 1

Wow, that show site is loud. I'd forgotten how loud it was.

Phoenix was awesome. And a little naughty. Really. I know that's hard to believe. He won Novice B w/196.5. I was hoping to improve our scores a bit this weekend (we've been very consistent with the mistakes we make), so maybe that will come tomorrow. Today, he gave me a lovely running recall, which we've been working hard on so I was pretty darned happy.

He grabbed the leash twice on the Figure 8, right off the "Forward" both times. Naughty little dog! I don't know if the judge saw it or not. There are advantages to having a black leash and a black-faced dog.

We did sits and downs by Shirlee J.'s Dreamer. Pretty funny, Dreamer and Phoenix were giving each other the "Let's ditch this place and go party" look. When Phoenix was a baby, he played with Dreamer and it was no holds barred, herding dog madness. Now that Nix is three times bigger than Dreamer, they don't play quite the same way but immediately recognize each other on sight.

The Farmer finished planting corn yesterday and got started on beans before a couple lines of thunderstorms rolled through and he got rained out. We got .8 of rain at our place but only .2 at his brothers, so they are working there tonight.

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  1. Good boy Phoenix! Can you imagine if they took off out of the ups and downs!!! Reminds of the time Connor broke stays in Open and the steward came out calling for the person with the border collie as it was making laps in the ring. Wonder what they'd call Phoenix? Especially after next year and they let the mix breeds in. G