Monday, April 16, 2012

Pics from Malinois Nationals

Oddly enough, I did not take any pics of Phoenix! But here's Jamie hanging out at the motel. We had 4 pillows on each bed. I guess he figured he could use one of them.

The Purina Event Center (pretty self evident, huh?) They have automatic doors, which was great for hauling stuff in and out. Do not be fooled by the pretty blue sky. It only lasted 2 of the 5 days we were there.

They had a couple of cool topiaries right outside the front door.
Michele, I think it's Cougar!

Marsha, Vinnie was on the other side!

A view of the agility ring.

Another view of agility. Everyone wants to know what the footing is like there. It was artificial turf, which I'd never run on before (soccer turf, yes, astro turf, no.) Phoenix slid on his first run, then I waxed his paws and he did much better on the following runs. I think any dog can slide on any surface, it just depends on how fast they run. Phoenix isn't super psycho fast but he's no slowpoke either. There's probably no perfect surface for every dog. The gray matting through the rest of the facility is a hard, texturized rubber and it worked well for obedience and breed judging.

Here's the obedience ring. It's truly a huge and lovely facility. The acoustics weren't that great but really, that's what you're gonna get with a building that size. I would definitely show there again.


  1. Thanks for the pictures! I was wondering what the facilities looked like inside. Vinnie says you got his good side! :-)

  2. Looks to me like Jamie knows what a vacation is all about!

  3. Jamie! sigh. he's beautiful. he could have all of my pillows. thank you.

  4. I love it! I always wondered what that place looks like. Did you hang from a rafter to get those pics??

  5. Wow that place looks amazing! Thanks for posting info and pictures on the facility.