Monday, April 2, 2012

DeWitt, the review

Phoenix is becoming quite brilliant at showing me what he likes, what he "gets" and what he wishes would go away.

Saturday, we QQ'd for UDX leg 2. Ended up in a 3-way tie for 3rd in Utility but didn't have a very good run-off. Solid work in Open but our heeling got a little lazy.

Sunday we did directed jumping first in Utility and Nix either didn't know where he was going or didn't want to go toward the "busy" end of the ring - I think a little of both. He didn't do his second go-out but worked even better on the rest of the exercises. More solid work in Open, again heeling was our weak spot. We need to work on sustained effort.

Great group exercises both days and more willingness to play and even be a little silly in the ring. For us that's always a big deal! This was the first time we've successfully shown in Open and Utility 2 days in a row. Even though we had an NQ in Utility the second day I still felt this was a successful weekend for us. I got to know my dog a little better and came away with a better understanding of what he needs from me.

The company was great and the pie was excellent. Looking forward to this week's training - lots of building up heelwork. We're back in the ring in 5 days at my own club's trials.

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  1. Way to go team Phoenix!!! Sounds like a successful weekend indeed. :)