Monday, April 9, 2012

Candids from the weekend

My club's 3-day obedience trial was held over the weekend. Things didn't go exactly as planned for Phoenix and I but thanks again to Sheryl for some great pics. I will attempt to provide the proper narration.

Send me to the articles!
C'mon, send me now!
I said NOW!

Me: You cannot eat a Hershey's Kiss!
Phoenix: Just did, didn't I?

This is why I can't have any nice leashes.

Awesome job!
(I dunno what we did but it was good.)

Pretty boy.

And the winning photo of the weekend . . .

This is what showing a malinois eventually does to you.

Thanks Sheryl, for capturing the moment!


  1. I saw that on Sherl's site - love the last one. I'm guessing he has that "what kind of face is that" look on his face. Love the bouncing one as well. It was a good week-end.

  2. LOL! I love the last one. And, I love your haircut! I was hoping to see a pic of it since you had such an issue with getting it cut. It looks great :)

  3. What an incredibly cute dog!