Thursday, April 12, 2012

Day 3: Agility

Not quite as long of a day today, done at 5:30.

Std. presented the classic dilemma, table or tunnel. Guess which one Phoenix chose?

T2B was another crazy fast course. We came in 2nd again and were the fastest mal in the class.

JWW, um, well . . . we were really fast and we did the right number of jumps, technically speaking, they just weren't in the order the judge wanted. Details.

After supper Karene and I took the dogs for a walk. Now we're worn put and the dogs are chewing on each other and acting mental. Guess all day in a box does that.

Temperament test tomorrow. It was supposed to be held indoors but apparently the evaluator wants it held outdoors. It is supposed to rain but the word is we will be outdoors in the rain on the Schutzhund field unless there is lightning. I've never done a temperament test before and am looking forward to trying something new with the Skinny Little Dog.

Time for bed. Aren't you supposed to stay up late and party on vacation? I'm going to bed earlier than ever and that's saying quite a bit.

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  1. I got at BC nationals one year. Let's just say there is something to be said for going to bed early! Especially if you are showing the next day.