Tuesday, December 13, 2011


In addition to at least five cakes (MACH, PACH, PAX, birthday and one for the "old dogs"), we had a great raffle at the ICDOC agility trials over the weekend. I think we came close to raising $2,000, with all money donated to cancer research. Some of the items included a set of bar jumps, a rainbow panel jump and pink 2 x 2 weaves, plus a couple of gift baskets and other stuff.

This fun fleece blanket made by my friend Marsha was one of the "other stuff." She did a great job on it. People who can sew amaze me. I put all my tickets on it, figuring I wouldn't win because I never win anything at raffles. I would usually be money ahead to just go out and buy whatever it is I'm trying to win. But what the heck, it's good karma to donate to the cause.

But yippee! I won it! (Malinois not included. I "won" him earlier.)

Is this a cute print or what? And it's already dirt-colored. I loves me anything that's dirt-colored - shoes, pants, coats, dogs . . .

I spent the rest of the day carrying the blanket around, clutched to my chest, cackling "My precious . . ." and being suspicious of anyone who looked like they were going to steal it.


  1. That is ADORABLE!!! I love it!! I never win anything in raffle either which makes is especially awesome when you finally do!

  2. Winner Winner!!!! LOL - I'm glad you like it. Good thing you took it straight to your car. Mom was really eying it!!

  3. I did not know you won that!!! That's how crazy it seemed over the week-end. Where will it be on Saturday??? Hmmmmm-just want to get a better look at it, ok?

  4. The real question is......does the dog hair show up!! This is totally cute fabric! Well done Meme...and LUCKY YOU MARTHA!!!

  5. that is so cute I love that print. and yeaaaa I can post again for awhile where it says comment as: it was blank so I couldn't sign in! These phtos of Phoenix look so much like my Rumor. :)