Thursday, December 22, 2011

7 squeakers down, 11 to go

Jamie and Phoenix got a toy with 18 squeakers at a Christmas party grab bag. I admit, I wanted it because it was cardinal and gold, Iowa State Cyclones colors. What was I thinking? It should have come with earplugs.

After one very enthusiastic and squeaky evening, the toy is missing 7 squeakers and 1 leg.

Is this the face of innocence?

I suspect he was responsible for the leg amputation.
A leg dangling out of his mouth was the giveaway.

This is the face of squeaker doom.
Jamie takes de-squeaking very seriously.

Between the 18 squeaker dragon and the malinois nirvana ball, we've had a very active and noisy house the last few days. Thanks Mary and Rilda!


  1. I'm surprised it still has it's little horns! Those would be the first to go here.

  2. One of Layla's favorite toys was the Air Kong squeaker football. I think that's the name of the brand, but it's an incredibly high-pitched squeak. My dad would hide it on top of the fridge because it was so obnoxious. Casey's fat fangs popped it though.

    I can't believe your Internet provider screwed you guys out of your emails. I'd have been *furious*!

    When you posted about Ma & Pa coming into the 21st century I got all excited that you got a Facebook. Ah well...maybe next decade ;)

    PS - My trainer's son won the 24" class at the AKC Agility Invitational in the Juniors division with his Malinois. Thought Phoenix would be proud of his distant relative!