Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Five years ago today . . .

. . . the Wild litter was born. Here's baby Phoenix (he's the upside down puppy on the far left, labeled RWB - red, white, blue) and his littermates and mom, Promise.

(Photos courtesy of Catherine Shields, Carousel Malinois)

Catherine lost Promise in November at age 12 (she was a '99 model, like Jamie). Promise was a beautiful girl who brought so much happiness to so many people through her puppies.

Phoenix will celebrate his birthday tonight with some ball chasing outdoors if I get home from work when the sun is still up (no small thing this time of year) and indoor games with the crazy ball (thanks Rilda), the dragon (a few squeakers remain to be killed, thanks Mary) and the flying, screaming monkey (thanks Renee).

Happy birthday Phoenix and all the Wild kids: Seeker, Cayenne, Joker, Ryder, Passion and Ida.

Returning soon: the rest of 2011 in review. I'm still trying to remember what happened.


  1. Happy Birthday to your beautiful boy!!

  2. Happy Birthday Phoenix!! Today is my Ursa's 5th birthday as well!

  3. What lovely dogs ...
    and a lovely post
    happy birthday Nix :)

  4. Awe...happy Barkday Phoenix!

    Remember what happened? Shoot, that's what blogs are for!

  5. Happy Birthday Fawnicks!!! Hopefully your fifth winter will be much milder than your first!! (and hopefully your mother will get her memory back!!)

  6. Happy, Happy Birthday Handsome Phoenix!!

  7. Happy birthday, Phoenix! Just realized that I (unwittingly) named my aussie for you, as she is Ebbtide Call of the Wild (from a camping-themed litter, chosen to go with the call name Piper). Don't suppose anyone gave you a kitty for your birthday.