Sunday, November 13, 2011

Wonderful weekend!

Sometimes, it doesn't have anything to do with your dog.

This weekend, I got to watch friends reach milestones with their dogs.

Bill and Airee finished their MACH! 

Tracy and Syd finished their PAX!

Marsha and Frank finished their PACH, PAX2, MXP5 and MJP5! (I think that's right? Seriously, if you finish more than 1 title per weekend you can't expect your friends to remember!)

Phoenix went 3/6 (holy freakin' cow - we had a 50% weekend!) including a QQ today. Yippee for the Skinny Little Dog!

All the title runs were exciting. It's great to see friends running with their dogs and enjoying those moments of perfect teamwork that so often elude us by one dropped bar or one too-late cue. It's dang hard to sit in the stands, not breathing, until they clear the last jump and the last QQ or final speed points are confirmed.

Congrats to everyone who enjoyed lovely runs with their dogs this weekend — there were a lot of them. There are a lot of tired dogs and happy handlers in eastern Iowa tonight.

I hope to post video of Phoenix's QQ runs soon. I'm especially proud of him for today's Standard run because he didn't take a single one of the tunnel traps and there were at least 14 of them. Seriously. Would I kid you about tunnel traps?


  1. Fantastic work all round! Congrats to all :)
    (including YOU two!)

  2. This weekend freakin' rocked!!! Awesome job with Phoenix - he looked fantastic.

  3. Congrats to you and PHOE------NIX!!! (That's his agility name in case some of you haven't seen him run). I don't think the above mentioned name was used this week-end. He was awesome! Hoping the video person did an ok job. Yes, it was a fun week-end and lots of excitement. Glad I got to share it.