Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The thankfulness list

It's time to count blessings. Here are just a few of the things I'm thankful for:

Jamie, 12 1/2

Phoenix, 5 next month

the Farmer

20 years with the Farmer

my “dog friends” family


microwave popcorn

living very close to sites that host multiple agility trials a year

training via e-mail with friends

group training with friends

heated seats in R2

mac and cheese

better living through chemistry

Phoenix’s UD this spring and all the lessons that have come with it

good books

good books on CD

road trips with good books on CD

classes to teach

Winnie the Cat, who is always happy in the morning

my treadmill (love/hate relationship)

summer nights, sleeping with the windows open


snapdragons, geraniums, petunias, impatiens and all the other annual flowers that give max return with minimum input every summer

perennials that look great in spite of heat, drought, insects, hail and rampaging Belgians

going to movies with friends

the ICDOC winter building

Wednesday and/or Thursday "dog nights"

flannel sheets

long underwear

hot showers

Pop Tarts with cake frosting

This list could go on and on. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Count your blessings. There is something to be grateful for every single day.


  1. I was totally with you until "pop tarts with cake frosting". Really? Do explain!!

  2. It was a happy accident. Had left-over Pillsbury cake frosting (dunno how that happened) . . . had Pop Tarts . . . which never have enough frosting on them to suit me . . . what if? . . . toast . . . frost . . . pour big glass of milk to go with . . . there you have it . . . nirvana!

  3. If you still have any Peeps left over - now's the time to use them in your hot chocolate. I'm thankful I saved a couple!!

    Love your list!

  4. I enjoy cake frosting on saltine crackers, myself. Salty and sweet. The perfect combination.

    Fully agreeing with books on cd. They make my work commute a hundred times less painful every day.

  5. Notice where the farmer ranks!(lol)

    Happy Thanksgiving.