Saturday, May 7, 2011

Embrace your inner doofus

Today was National Embrace Your Inner Doofus Day. I suspect that may be EVERY day with Phoenix. Here he is in a moment of pre-doofus contemplation. Note the sneaky eye slant, which indicates Something Is Going To Happen. 

Yep, as predicted - a doofus outbreak. I was gardening and he was, well, it's obvious he has no toys. Poor little dog. Has to play with a flower pot. (Georgia, are you looking? Obviously this flower pot thing is a genetic quirk in the Carousel lines. I didn't give it to him, he went and found it all by himself.)

Doofus pride - whatever you do, do it well. Obviously, everyone should be so lucky to have their own flower pot. Kinda makes you want one, doesn't it? A flower pot. Not a malinois.

Trying to entice another doofus to join the fun. The attempt met with failure. You'll notice there are no pics of Jamie. He chooses to embrace his doofess-ness when no cameras are present.

That's okay. A true doofus needs no accomplice. A great deal of fun is to be had by one's self on a warm, sunny spring day. With a flower pot.

Really. Some things just can't be explained with words. It's better that I don't even try.

Shortly after this pic was taken, Flower Pot Rescue stepped in. That's okay, there was still at trowel. And gardening gloves. And that thing that attaches to the end of the hose.

Yes, the day was a success. It will probably be celebrated again tomorrow.


  1. Every Belgian has their inner doofus and Phoenix has embraced his.
    Though he does remind me of Brice bringing me the his food dish when he wants another round at dinner.

  2. Sadly - Jazz always repressed any sign of doofus. He is really pretty serious. Coach, on the other hand, has embraced his doofus and the one Jazz has neglected! Coach doofus loves socks, and all toys, and grass - huge mouthfuls of lawn that stick to his lips. Happy gardening - I hope that means you're feeling better.

  3. too funny. Phoenix is such a charmer. I don't even "know" him but he cracks me up and I love the stories you tell about him as he provides the entertainment.

  4. Embrace your dufus day seems to be a success. What a hoot of a series of pictures. Gotta love em!