Friday, April 29, 2011

There are days . . .

Every profession has its cross to bear. I think vets probably have it the worst when it comes to dealing with the public. Small town newspapers are a close second.

Our news deadline is noon on Monday, as our papers print very late Monday night/early Tuesday morning.

A woman called our office on a recent Tuesday afternoon.

Caller: I need to put something in the paper, it HAS to run this week.

Me: It’s too late for this week but I’d be happy to take it for next week.

Caller: No, it has to go in THIS week.

Me: I’m sorry, our deadline was noon yesterday.

Caller: But it’s just a little item, it won’t take much room.

Me: I’m sorry, this week’s paper has already been printed.

Caller: Oh. So if I give it to you right now, you can't get it in?

Ya think?!

Here's another winner:

Caller: I want to let you know about a community event so you can come take pictures.

Me: (this is a common sort of thing in small towns.) Okay.

Me: (still waiting) What is it?

Caller: Some high school kids are going to do a clean-up day at Gateway Park.

Me: (waiting, waiting, waiting)

Me: (apparently I am going to have to pry this information out of him, word by word) When is it?

Caller: When?

Me: Yes, when will it be held?

Caller: Um . . . I'm not sure, I think it’s tomorrow.

Me: (nothing like giving less than 24 hours notice on an event that’s probably been planned for a month) What time?

Caller: Um . . . 2 o’clock? Maybe? Or maybe 3 o’clock. No, it’s 2. Yeah, I think it's 2.

Me: You think it’s tomorrow at 2 p.m.?

Caller: Um . . . yeah . . . maybe. You should call the high school. They’d know.

Me: Yeah, I’ll do that. (It was at 1 p.m., BTW)

Our first prize winner of the week came in today. It was an elderly lady who stopped to place an ad. Our receptionist was making small talk and asked how she was.

“Oh, I’m okay,” the lady replied. “But I just had cataract surgery and I can’t see very well.”

Our receptionist took the ad, took the lady’s money and made change. Several times, the woman made reference to her cataract surgery and the fact she couldn’t see very well.

Then she left our office, got in her car and drove off.

Wherever you work, have a great day and be happy you’re more intelligent and have more common sense than a lot of people out there!


  1. It's truly scary the people that are out there driving cars, owning pets, and reproducing.

  2. YIKES!! It's amazing how angry men get when they can't get their Viagra filled!! LOL

  3. I work for a small town Chamber of Commerce. You outta hear the questions I get! Hey, I might steal this blog idea for my own....