Monday, April 18, 2011

Pre-national stuff

This is the logo for Malinois nationals this year. It's kind of funny, when I think of Indiana I don't think "corn" but it's cute anyway. Beauty of the Beasts always does wonderful designs.

I love this year's theme: Spending Time Together. Isn't that the coolest part of dog sports - spending time with your dog(s) and your friends?

I'm no more packed than I was on Friday. I just have more piles and more lists. Lists of things to pack. Lists of things that need to get done before I leave. Lists of things to buy. At some point, I'm hoping these lists and piles magically morph into a vehicle that is packed and dogs that are groomed and ready to go.

Okay, Phoenix is groomed. Phoenix is always groomed. He got his semi-annual bath two weeks ago. I'll do nails, give him a cursory brushing and he's good to go.

Jamie got a bath last week. Could you hear the howls of protest? He got his paws trimmed over the weekend so he doesn't look homeless. His fur is growing back on his front legs and belly. It's about half grown back, at least no more bare skin. He looks good. Which is good, because he's probably not going to get any more grooming between now and Wednesday morning.

The JoAnne Brettschneider seminar over the weekend was very insightful. I got some new ideas to play with AFTER nationals - with 2 UD legs under our belt, changing things up all of a sudden is the last thing I want to do.

Our host hotel sent me a confirmation of my confirmation to confirm that I was still confirmed. Kinda silly but they had a link to the weather channel for Valparaiso weather this week: cool and wet. No surprise, since that's exactly what's forecast for here, too. Except there's no snow in the Valpo forecast, TG! And we're indoors for all venues this year. I think I'm still scraping mud off things after last year at Purina Farms.

Tomorrow I'm off work at noon and am taking R2 for his first oil change. Phoenix is coming with me and has already been cleared to hang out in the service lounge with me. Then we're going to train and do some shopping. Hopefully I can start checking things off lists!


  1. How exciting!! Hope you and the "children of the corn" have fun fun fun!! And remember... we need pictures!!

  2. Have fun and good luck. BC nationals are in oregon this year so we are passing. However, should Legend qualify for AKC agility nationals and they are in Oregon as rumored...we're driving!