Friday, February 5, 2010

Return of the psycho killer attack bunny

One of Phoenix's favorite indoor pastimes is sitting at the living room picture window and watching the farm. He watches the Farmer, the Farmer's dad, the Farmer's brother, cats and occasionally, errant raccoons or cows who are not where they belong. He reacts to these with a variety of behaviors ranging from excited woofs to window rattling crazed yodeling.

It was the latter that brought me running from the kitchen one morning, thinking all the cows must be loose and stampeding toward the road, pursued by rabid raccoons and half the cats in the township. When I got to the living room, Phoenix was bouncing up and down, hackles standing straight up, tail stiff, screaming malinois obscenities.

I scanned the scene outside the window.


No humans. No cats. No cows. No raccoons. Nothing.

No, wait.

There was a bunny rabbit, hopping around by some shrubbery on the other side of the fence. It was just a fluffy little bunny.

But Phoenix was obsessed. He was crazed. The bunny was clearly evil. It was more evil than cats, which is considerably evil if you know how Phoenix feels about cats.

I peeled him off the windowsill and we had a heart-to-heart talk about appropriate in-house behavior. I'm pretty sure he ignored most of it because when I released him, he raced back to the window and looked for the bunny, who fortunately for all involved, had disappeared from the scene.

That was months and months ago.

It happened again this morning.

I don't know what it is about rabbits that pushes that dog's buttons. He seriously comes unglued when he sees one. Right now, brown bunnies show up really well against white show. Yet another reason for wishing spring would hurry up and get here. Forget having a house cat, guess I need to get a pet bunny. Or maybe not.

Rabbits aside and weather permitting, Phoenix and I are road tripping to Des Moines both Saturday and Sunday this weekend for matches. It will be two early mornings of driving but I'm looking forward to getting some away-from-home training time, plus I can stop at the new Bass Pro Shop at Altoona on the way home.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Today, I am thankful we've gained an hour of daylight since Dec. 21.


  1. Bunnies ARE evil and meant to be chased and captured! Ask the weasels - they'll help Phoenix out with this one!!

  2. Keep the bunnies in mind if you do any outdoor shows. That is so funny. Check out my You Tube vid of my pet bunnies and pugs sharing blueberries. What would Phoenix think ?

  3. Bunnies are not a good thing at my house either. I'm still trying to get those pictures out of my head!

  4. We've had pet rabbits for years. When we first got Zodiac he used to spend hours quietly watching them. He doesn't watch them anymore but every time I get out the vaccuum he runs to bark at them. Crazy border collie.