Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Grass envy

I love this picture for a lot of reasons. The main one is that it captures Phoenix’s silly side. He looks so happy and goofy. He can be very silly. He can be very serious, too. Sometimes I think that’s my own personality reflecting on him. I can be way too serious. Maybe I should get an Orbee ball of my own.

But today, I love this picture because it shows green grass. We have no green grass here. We have no grass of any color. You couldn’t find grass around here if you tried. It’s covered with snow. Heavy snow. Deep snow. Thick, frozen, icy, miserable, wretched, ugly, depressing . . . oh . . . sorry . . . you get the point. Enough snow already. Some friends trialed in St. Louis last weekend. They said the snow there is gone. That’s just 4 hours south of us. There is hope.

I’m just going to sit here and look at the grass for awhile and think about spring.

Today I am thankful for the cookies a co-worker's mom made for us.


  1. Ah... the smell of freshly cut grass... sigh

  2. OH MAN THAT LOOKS GREAT!!! Best keep that Ball away from Michele!! With that color she's bound to try and steal it! Are those weave poles back there? They are much taller than the set we have currently outside. Maybe it's the 2' drift they are buried under? Now that I get looking at that grass a little closer...it looks a little long. You might want to think about going out there RIGHT NOW and mowing it! G

  3. The grass was VERY long in that pic. Remember how freaking much rain we had last summer? Don't worry, your weave poles will get taller this spring when the snow melts.

  4. I am 1.5 hours west of St. Louis and our snow is gone too. However, the reason it is gone is that on Saturday and Sunday the temperature rose to 34 degrees and it rained 2 inches. The rain melted the snow. This made a huge muddy mess!!!!! 30 miles north of us they got 8 to 12 inches of snow. Not sure which is worse - the snow or all of the mud from the rain. I was almost glad that the termperature dropped back into the 20s and the mud froze.