Thursday, February 25, 2010

Funny old picture

Here's a funny old family picture, courtesy of my Aunt Joyce, the genealogy queen. This is my great-great-uncle Peter. Legend has it he was poisoned by his wife. Successfully, apparently, since the wife was never arrested or prosecuted.

Aunt Joyce points out two things about this picture:

1) Check out the fishing pole. It looks like a stick with a string. No Bass Pro Shops high-tech graphite rod and reel for Uncle Pete.

2) He is fishing in a suit. This was back in the day when people did not have many "good" clothes. Heck, they did not have many clothes at all. (Which would explain why none of our wonderful old houses have many closets.) Regarding fishing in a suit, Joyce said, "No wonder his wife poisoned him."


  1. Maybe his wife's cooking was just REALLY BAD!!! He's certainly thin enough! Thank you for the explanation on the closets, that makes perfect sense. Now I need to switch out my gray "winter" dress, for my blue "spring" dress. Or do you think it's still too early?

  2. It's still too early for the blue "spring" dress I'm sure!! I'd poison him too...