Tuesday, February 9, 2010

For the love of dirt

My quest to build a dirt-colored wardrobe is progressing nicely. Here’s a pic of my latest acquisition, LLB’s Weather Challenger jacket, which is currently on clearance. Apparently dirt-colored jackets were not a big seller among the general population. I bought it to replace my current winter coat which is suffering from a number of issues, mainly the zipper has gone AWOL.

Unfortunately, the Weather Challenger, for all its dirt-colored glory is not heavy enough to be a true winter coat here in the Midwest, but it will make a wonderful 3-seasons coat so I’ll keep it. In spite of the catalog copy which might lead you to believe otherwise, it is basically a Goretex raincoat with a wind-block fleece liner.

Anyone who shows dogs knows the value and convenience of dirt-colored clothes. If you spend much time trialing in horse arenas, by the end of the weekend, everything is covered with a fine layer of brown dust. Having as much dirt-colored gear as possible maintains the illusion that things are not really as dirty as they actually are. This is helpful to those of us who are compulsive about cleaning and washing.

Over the last few years, I have collected a dirt-colored fleece jacket, dirt-colored wind pants, several dirt-colored sweatshirts and a dirt-colored sheet for a crate cover. I used to have a dirt-colored gear bag but Phoenix ate it. Well, part of it. He didn’t mean to. He was very young.

My current gear bag is from Doggone Good. It’s bright blue and it’s a great bag but alas, it does not hide dust. My current winter coat, the one with the dysfunctional zipper, is dark blue, also a bad color for hiding either dirt or dog fur.

Through the years I have progressed to dirt-colored dogs as well, no more pesky white paws to keep clean.

The quest continues.


  1. Hey, I can relate :) I love to wear black, which would be fine if my dog were black. Unfortunately he's a fawn, who sheds like crazy when he's stressed (like at a trial!)

  2. I still have my eye on that dirt colored fleece!!! You will "misplace" it someday!!! LOL

  3. Did you consciously pick a dirt colored dog too? His color is perfect. I can't imagine what a white colored dog would look like trailing in a horse arena.

  4. I bought a great coat on hard core clearance at Kohls a few years ago. IT was perfect, but it was mostly white. Now I have replaced it with a new brown coat. I pretty much have a dog of every color now so no luck matching them to my wardrobe!

  5. Believe me, I understand. Unfortunately, Casey sheds black and Layla sheds white, so it's hard finding clothes that blend into the hair.

    My favorite winter coat is getting pretty old. It's a tan/light brown color from Cabela's. Definitely hides dirt, and it's WARM. Unfortunately the fur lining around the hood is "coyote" fur, so the dogs like to try to take it off.

    I have such a hard time finding clothes that hide the hair and dirt, I can't imagine trying to put clothes on my dog, too.

  6. Amen!!

    I find red actually hides dirt really well too, for some reason.