Monday, November 16, 2009

Phoenix, AXJ!

After a very long spell of "woulda-coulda-shoulda" on the agility course, Phoenix finished his AXJ at the Muscatine trial yesterday. It felt really good to run as a team and especially to be the handler my dog needed.

Here we are:

Thanks for doing the video, Tammy, since I accidentally on purpose didn't give my camera to anyone before we ran. I swear, we have our best runs in agility and obedience when I don't ask anyone to video!

To prove my point, I made sure Marsha had my camera for our Std. run and well, the wheels fell off in a whole lot of places. Who knew we had that many wheels?

Silly Phoenix went home and chased a cat to celebrate. Today, he's at the vet getting stitched up. Seriously. But not from the cat. He plowed full tilt into the rotary hoe (a piece of tillage equipment with very sharp pointy spikey things on it) in the hay barn and sliced open his right side. He'll be fine, it didn't cut into muscle or anything. I'll pick him up this afternoon on the way home from work. Will post details tomorrow.


  1. That a boy!!! Make your Momma Proud and then get a scar to remember it by!! JL, leave those cats alone already...they are nothing but trouble in a small package!

  2. Poor Phoenix. I'm thinking if he had his own kitty that this probably would have happened. Of course the kitty would be living in the house and not near any machinery. Give him some ice cream and tell him it's from his Auntie Rilda. That will make him feel better. CONGRATS on the newest title. Atta Boy!