Tuesday, November 17, 2009


This is a rotary hoe. It is a piece of tillage equipment used on the farm.

This is what happens when your dogs runs into a rotary hoe while chasing a cat.
The cat fit behind the hoe. Phoenix didn't. But he didn't let that stop him.

Here's another view.

This is what he looks like $146 later.
He has 8 stitches, 4 under the skin, 4 on top.
The tech was really good about not going crazy with the clippers.

Poor Phoenix. He was still pretty out of it from the anesthesia last night.

"Dude, I had a really bad day."

"Let me tell you how bad my day was."

"Hey, did you say SUPPER?"

This morning, he was back to his wild self,
leaping around like nothing happened.
Know I wouldn't bounce back that fast!

Today I am thankful for my vet.


  1. Poor little Fawnicks!!! How's the cat?

  2. That stupid cat owes me $146.

    Time to make some stinky fish cookies and go back to doing "come away from the kitty" recalls.

  3. I'm sure you will get the money out of that cat :-) I'm glad he is feeling better, he now has a war story to tell when he gets older about the cat that got away.

  4. Dude -- when I said "get a cat" I meant, "Have your mom bring you home a kitty," not "Get ahold of that cat at risk to life and limb." But hey, the whole stitches thing looks kind of macho, no?
    -- Taz the Terv (in the city, where kitty-chasing is apparently safer)

  5. Those cats will get you every time! Then they make it look like it was YOUR FAULT!! Been there, Done that! Seeker

  6. Ouch is right! Glad that he's feeling better!

  7. I still think if he had a kitty of his own (in the house) he wouldn't have to try to catch one in the machine shed. Poor buddy - did he get ice cream???

  8. oh no! He really needs a kitty of his own I think!

  9. Holy cow! That looks painful! Poor Phoenix.

  10. On the plus side, he can tell all his buds he got it in a bar fight. Earn hisself some righteous creds. Sorry, that's as street as a gal from the midwest can sound. LOL

  11. Never under-estimate a dog's prey drive - or the sharp edges of farm equipment. Best wishes for a speedy recovery for Phoenix!

  12. I'm pretty sure my vet would charge more than $146. Congratulations on the title and good luck with the cat thing!