Sunday, August 23, 2009

Attack of the wrackspurts

You have to be a Harry Potter fan to appreciate wrackspurts but for the uninitiated, they are invisible moth-like creatures that flutter into your brain and render you incapable of sensible thought. In other words, you forget everything you ever knew. 

Phoenix and I were attacked by wrackspurts today at the open dog show at the state fair. They were EVERYWHERE! We are fine now but it was touch and go for awhile. You just never know when a wrackspurt will get you. 

The day wasn't all bad. In fact, I was really proud of Phoenix on his Open group exercises. He sat on his box and I only had to correct once for fidgeting feet. This is a HUGE improvement over just a few weeks ago. Sitting on his box while I fix the dogs' a.m. and p.m. meals has really helped him think about what he's doing with his feet. 

Overall the day was a very long training session and we are both exhausted. Battling wrackspurts will do that to you. I've got to get some repellent before next weekend.

1 comment:

  1. Glad you made it out alive!! Where's a good old Evanesco (Vanishing Spell) when you need one! Might I suggest giving Phoenix the (Gripping Charm)on those group exercises. Might make it more difficult to fidget. Just don't poke your eye out with your wand!! G