Sunday, August 11, 2013

Odds & ends

I am a bad dog mom. Jamie turned 14 in July. I never got around to taking his birthday picture. So last night, one woman, two Belgians, three kittens and an adult beverage went outside to take the birthday picture.

As you may notice, this is a collection of kitten pictures with occasional appearances by Phoenix. With the exception of the first frame, Jamie isn't in any of them. Bad dog mom. Bad. bad.

This first frame represents the kittens' mission in life: sit on the patio table and wait for the dogs to walk by, then try to grab them. They're really not very good at it but they keep trying.

Reach out, reach out and  . . . step on someone. 
Really, if grabbing doesn't work, 
just walk on them as they go by.

This picture represents my heart's work this summer. 
Peaceful inter-species co-minglement.

(Followers of Celtic art will get it.)

Bubbles? Yeah? So?
Phoenix is insane about bubbles.
Gryphon and Siren were not enchanted.

Handsome guy.
Wrong guy.
Still no b-day pic for the old guy.


  1. Too funny! Love the first picture!

  2. Well Happy birthday anyway Jamie!

  3. Jamie! Happy Birthday gorgeous! May your jodhpurs floof long and prosper!

    Love, Juno (and the cracker she lives with)

    PS Phoenix, I am beginning to wonder about your relationship with these kittehs. It looks like friendship. My inner-sibe is befuddled.