Thursday, August 22, 2013

Another post about nothing

I seem to be getting pretty good at posting about nothing. It's not like my life is boring - on the contrary I feel like I'm juggling so many chainsaws that I may have an appendage lopped off at any moment. But translating that into a coherent blog post, well, you're probably better off with my "oh look, a squirrel!" odds and ends. It satisfies my pathological need to write even when there's nothing specific to write about.

Here's another random picture for your viewing pleasure. This fellow was crop dusting near our place when I left for work one morning. The yellow is tasseling corn. And you just thought corn fields in Iowa were green.

The Adorables got spayed/neutered on Tuesday. I picked them up at the clinic after work yesterday and I've never seen little cats in such a snit. But they got over it and I was back in their good graces this morning. Probably because I'm in charge of the food.

They are almost 5 months old. My vet encouraged me not to wait, since they are outdoor cats. It wasn't a matter of age but of weight, to determine how soon they could be spayed/neutered. They needed to weigh 4 pounds to have anesthesia. I weighed them on a kitchen scale before making the appointment.(Really? Doesn't everyone weigh their cats on a kitchen scale?)

Are you familiar with the "4 feet in a box" trick you can teach your dog? Weezel was an absolute pro when it came to "4 feet on the kitchen scale." He jumped up and sat there like he'd done it all his life. He could have a performance career. Gryphon was an gawky teenager with 4 feet going in 4 different directions. And Siren? Did you know it's physically impossible to make a cat put her feet down if she doesn't want to?

The huge line of scabs from Phoenix's barbed wire fence encounter earlier this month has fallen off, showing lots of healthy pink skin on his leg. No word on if the hair is going to grow back. He needs a bath and blow dry before next weekend's big show cluster. There's one more thing to add to the to-do list.

I'm psyching myself up for a cholesterol test next week. Even though my numbers are normal, apparently that isn't good enough for my cardiologists because he has deemed me "not normal." (He seems to take great delight in pointing that out.) He says he would like to see the numbers lower because of my a-fib. Ha. There are a lot of things I would like to see, too. I've spent the last six months working on a low fat, high fiber, step away from the fast food, go easy on the red meat, get lots of exercise and lose a little weight lifestyle. If that doesn't do it, I give up. Bring on the meds and gimme a donut.


  1. 4 lbs is an arbitrary number. I have done them a lot smaller. Which isn't necessarily better, but shelter work necessitates it.

  2. Dont give do your regular activities defntly u will get the result