Tuesday, August 20, 2013


I've been to two wonderful seminars in three weekends and would love to write about them but that requires time and THAT seems to be at a premium lately.

I know. Excuses. Excuses. Work is getting me down. Plus making Phoenix's training a priority, which brings me back up. And a ridiculous amount of time spent walking-walking-walking and trying to vanquish the looming specter of having to take cholesterol lowering meds, plus a ridiculous number of doctor's appointments in the coming weeks to deal with an entirely different issue. So I'm going to use those excuses for not posting more often.

So instead, here are pics of the Farmer mowing hay. I have to be honest. This is second cutting hay, back in July. He is currently making third cutting hay, which is not quite a lush and green and lovely because it hasn't rained here for a month.

So imagine this is copy full of insightful observations about the seminars. Or just enjoy pics of a guy driving a green tractor pulling a green hay mower through a lovely field of green hay.


  1. this makes me nostalgic for Switzerland. Being that i'm still so fascinated with hay stacking. yes, for reals. sigh. thanks for the pix. they make me smile. Best wishes for your health!

    The caretaker to the left coast cracker and criminal (who also send you high paws and soft woos of good health)

  2. Looks beautiful, I love this time of year when the farmers are mowing hay - smells amazing :)