Saturday, October 6, 2012

Jamie update - happy day

It's been about 72 hours since Jamie's vestibular episode (attack? spell? event? I really don't know what to call it). He continues to make steady, positive progress. From everything I've read, sounds like "recovery" can take up to a month, so I'm pretty happy.

He's moving much better today. Still occasionally wobbles in the back end but that can probably be said for many of us. The only thing I'm seeing is he's no longer as sure footed on the kitchen vinyl as he was before. He also loses his balance and tips over when he tries to spin and keep up with Phoenix, regardless of the footing.

The head tilt is still there and he may just keep it for awhile. Happy to report he ate breakfast (yay!) out of a bowl (yay!) on the floor (triple yay!) this a.m. He still has not regained all his fine motor control and it takes him a bit to approach the bowl and size it up to get his muzzle in it but this was the first morning he was able to eat without it being elevated. If this proves difficult in the future, I'll go back to holding his bowl up for him. It doesn't take him that long to eat, believe me. He was raised by shelties.

He's also getting on and off "his" couch again, something that was out of the question for the first couple of days.

Thanks, everyone, for your concern and positive thoughts. They're very much appreciated.


  1. Glad he's feeling better. That can be very scary even if you figure out quickly what is happening.

  2. so glad he's on the mend - scary stuff indeed!

  3. Nice!! So happy he's on the mend.

  4. So glad to hear it. I can definitely sympathize with the poor boy. If you need a nice looking metal elevated food bowl holder,I just quit using mine because Jazz eats laying down.