Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Jamie update, agility pics

 It's been 7 days since Jamie's vestibular episode and I'd say he's back to about 90 percent normal. He still loses control of his hind end very easily (slick floors, sudden turns) and the hardest part of his recovery has been convincing Phoenix he can't play crash and run games with his brother any more.

Over the weekend, the boys had "spa day," and I needed to put Jamie on the grooming table. I envisioned him putting his front paws on the table and letting me boost his hind end up. He was having no part of that. I finally got him up there but think we'll just groom on the floor from now on, We're going to have to practice getting in and out of the van, though, because he HAS to let me help him do that or he'll fall on his head.

Even though Jamie is back to eating meals out of his bowl off the floor, I'm checking into an elevated feeder for him. He still has to "aim" his mouth at his bowl and really, meals just shouldn't be that much work.

Here's Phoenix in all his glory from a September agility trial (photos by Nieder Arts Photography).

I love it when his paws are going in 4 different directions.

This would be the rare, short-legged malinois variety.

I really think gravity does not apply to this dog.

Love my Skinny Little Dog. He is a gift in so many ways.

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